TG #40: Abstraction

July 11, 2017 – 2:30 am

This week’s episode has us discussing the use of abstraction in engineering and in pet management.

Lamest News of the Week

The serious story: Hobby Lobby reaches settlement on importing Biblical artifacts.

The lame part: The actual name of the court case!


Some real reference for further reading:

  • Abstraction is the art of simplifying a system, so that rather than needing to understand HOW something works, you only need to understand how to interact with a system.
  • Why is it important? It allows you to deal with a problems in a more componentized way.
  • A good gauge for abstraction is when you create something, do you just “ask it questions” without fear that it will do something unexpected

Examples of abstraction:

  • Shadow Is  a Kitty, and she eats. Her favorite food is tuna
  • Unicron is a giant robot and he eats. His favorite food is earth.
  • Amoebas are single celled organisms and they eat. Their favorite food is brain tissue.

Rather than deal with these things on a one by one basis, we can say that:

  • They all eat
  • They all have a favorite food

When abstraction goes wrong, though…

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