TG #37: 2009 Predictions Reviewed

February 16, 2010 – 5:41 pm

In this episode of Tweak and Geek, we recap our 2009 predictions… at great length! We’ll also try to convince you to eat maggots. Sure, we might have said it was Episode 36 in the intro, but you trust us on the maggots anyway, right?

2009’s Predictions
* Announcement of Successor to Xbox 360 (not release, ANNOUNCEMENT) [Project Natal? – FAIL]
* Windows 7 is released. People will be excited, but there won’t be much different from Vista [Sort of Fail – But We are all winners here]
* Next Generation of Amazon Kindle [Yes, plus Kindle DX]
* iPhone Forks: 32GB 3G (agreed), Low-end iphone “nano” (we disagree) [3G and 3GS. No nano though – Fail!]
* iTunes offers a majority DRM Free (or at least expands it) [Yes!]
* Facebook “jumps the shark” [Fail!]
* Yahoo will finally be bought by someone [Fail!]
* WoW will reach 13M users and get around to announcing the next expansion, but they won’t release the expansion in 2009 [Expansion announced – Not at 13M, half and half]
* 64 bit processors will outsell 32 bit and 64 bit OS will struggle for ascendancy (but, based on the current state, might not make it) [Don’t know about sales, but acendency is there. Call it 50%]
* Web 2.0 goes mainstream. Example: Check out this post about Brightkite vs Twitter [Sure]

Lame News
Pat -Bill Gates joins Twitter!
Craig –“Avatar” pulled from 2-D Screens by Chinese Government due to its provocative anti-authoritarian message. Movie is allowed to stay on 900 3D screens.
Laurie – 3 Condoms makes you a prostitute
Mike – Vice Principal Calls in Cavalry Over Science Project

Casu – Marzu Cheese – From Wikipedia

Casu marzu (also called casu modde, casu cundhídu, or in Italian formaggio marcio) is a traditional Sardinian sheep milk cheese, notable for being riddled with live insect larvae. It is found mainly in Sardinia, Italy. Casu marzu literally means “rotten cheese” in Sardinian, and the cheese is known colloquially as maggot cheese.

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