TG #34: Windows 7 is Here

November 17, 2009 – 5:00 am

Time for the latest in Microsoft’s offerings to Operating Systems everywhere.

Windows 7
* Likes: Shake to minimize, swoosh up on the taskbar, speed, compatibility, upgrade process, New Windows Media Player,
Window Snap, New Paint, calc and wordpad, throw to other monitor
* Dislikes: Sidebar everywhere, need a hack to get quicklaunch back,

* Likes: Aero Peek, Taskbar (beats OS X Dock), new shortcuts (win-left and win-right), unintrusive UAC, Windows Live Essentials
* Dislikes: Sidebar (it’s not you, it’s my non-widescreen monitor)

* Likes: Aero Peek, New Taskbar, Show Desktop corner button, UAC refinement
* Dislikes: Control panel still not fully refined, core applications (Paint, Notepad) still poor in quality
* Confused by: Only two power plan options on the tray icon?

* Likes: Speed. Libraries. SysTray enhancements. Bubbles! Free addons to further enhance the UI
o Problem Recorder
o Snipping tool!
o Sticky Notes
* Dislikes: IE6

Freeware install tool : lets you install lots of common utilities with a single click.

Funny aside: Verizon is assaulting iPhone, Island of Misfit Toys spoof

Lame News
Craig- A bird dropped a piece of bread on to the LHC’s outdoor mechanism. The bread caused a short circuit when it fell and would have caused the LHC to go into shutdown mode. Oh mon dieu! Le oiseau a baisse’ le pain sur l’LHC!
Pat- Nobody wants to be president of Bank of America.
Mike- nVidia takes potshots at Intel with political cartoons.
Rudi- Cops: Man who took champagne nabbed for 63rd time.

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