TG #33: Halloween Spooktacular

October 29, 2009 – 11:23 am

On this very special episode of Tweak and Geek, Craig tries his level best to SCARE you!

We started by making up stories about what we’d give away, but here’s a hint. If we’re at home giving stuff out, it’ll be whatever candy was closest to the checkout.

We check out some techie costumes!

Scariest News of the Week

Canned Pumpkin Shortage due to a wet growing season…. Where will we get our Jack o’ Lanterns? (If Craig makes Jack o’ Lanterns out of canned pumpkin and not whole pumpkins, the rest of us would like to not see them please.)

New version of Mac OS X (Snow Leopard) could eat files if you so much as accidentally logged in to Guest account. SPOOKY!

Researchers say that this photo at Jim Morrison’s grave showing his ghost is the deal deal.

Intel pulls new faster firmware after it starts corrupting users’ SSDs running Windows 7.

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