TG #32: Stargates and Wave

October 22, 2009 – 11:25 am

In this Very Special episode of Tweak and Geek, Very Special guest host Rudi joins us to discuss Stargate, Google Wave… oh, and we probably fanboi out about Apple again.

Stargate Universe

Impressions, predictions… Reminds us of tons of shows and movies: Last Starfighter, BSG, Lost in Space, Voyager… What’s with the steam when the gate shuts off? Signed on for 30 episodes.

And because Mike promised it, here’s a link to Robot Chicken Star Wars!

Say What?

Apple made lots of money. Worst economy in decades, and we’re ALL buying iPhones. Except Pat and Laurie. And Craig. Their stock is at a record high now. Apple, not Pat and Laurie and Craig. And they announced the multi-touch Magic Mouse, which is basically a mouse with a touchpad in it!

Google Wave

What’s it like?

Lame News

Craig recently realized that “baa baa black sheep”, “twinkle twinkle little star” and the alphabet song are all the same!!!

Archeologists unearthed a small round amphitheatre similar to the Colosseum in Portis, Italy. Around the 2:11 mark of this video they show off a Roman poo they found in the toilet. Magister Hankius the Saturnalia Poo!

A Gwinnett County man who drove into a sinkhole created by last month’s deluge of rain was arrested Friday for tampering with evidence.

Ira Strong told Gwinnett County Police on Sept. 21 that he believed West Liddell Road in Duluth was open because traffic barriers blocking the street had been pushed aside. But according to a witness, it was Strong who moved the barrels after he drove his car into the 6-foot deep hole.

Marge Simpson is on the cover of Playboy. First cartoon ever… why wasn’t it Jessica Rabbit?

Balloon Boy Incident was a Hoax!!

Boy was never really in the flying saucer balloon. On Larry King Live, Wolf blitzer asked Falcon why he didn’t come out when called. “You guys said we did it for the show,” said the boy. Richard (dad)’s former research partner, was paid by to write about the former “Wife Swap” star.

Was the boy hiding in the family home? Probably not!

Even watching the balloon, it was pretty obvious that a 50 pound boy could not be in it.

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  2. Best podcast EVER!!!

    All kidding aside. Thanks for letting me sit in folks. Since the podcast, I went out an watched the first 3 episodes of SGU. Good stuff.

    By Rudi on Oct 22, 2009

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