TG #30: Nuptials and Apple Predictions

September 17, 2009 – 11:59 pm

Since the last Tweak and Geek, Laurie and Pat got married. To each other, even. Craig didn’t, so ladies, don’t you worry! We talk about lots of stuff, but mostly wonder what Apple was going to tell us on Wednesday. Listen to find out why Craig needs to eat a hat!

The Hobbit film might be able to start
New Line Cinema and the Tolkien estate were in legal wars. A settlement has been reached, and a pair of films by the director of Hellboy may now go forward.

Listener Mail as transcribed by Google Voice

Your Hello hello, what’s up. He when. Start date pieces. I believe Chiefs talk to the dentist. Okay. Okay back.

We’ll get right back to you!

Apple’s Wednesday Press Event (predictions)
This will go out after the press event, but what rumors might come through? We’re thinking about this the day before…

App Store Interface? (Maybe, maybe they’ll let you arrange apps on your computer!)
iPod with Camera models delayed? (This is a strange rumor since they haven’t announced iPod with camera anyway.)
Apple Tablet? (Consensus: No.)
Beatles on iTunes? (If no, Craig says he’ll eat his hat. We’re going to hold him to that.)
Online iTunes storage? (Big old data center being built: )
HD iPods? (Maybe they want to compete with the Zune HD. Play back HD video if you hook it up to a TV!)
Classic iPod cancelled? (Too early. Maybe in the next couple of years if Flash continues to reduce in price.)
Bigger iPod Touch? (64GB might be accessible…)
New iPod Classic? (More than 120GB HD? Is that really something with a market?)
iPhone freed from the shackles of AT&T? (OH PLEASE!)
MMS on iPhone? (Didn’t AT&T already announce that?)

Favorite rumors – which do we think it is?
Laurie: Online Storage
Mike: Online Storage (Craig will eat his hat)
Craig: Beatles (Mike and Pat are bitches)
Pat: Online Storage (Craig will eat his hat)

Lame News

Bank of America refuses to cash a check for a man when he doesn’t provide a thumbprint. Problem is, he had no arms.

H1N1 fears make Italian Catholics eschew their Twilight-esque traditions.

Diebold impeaches e-voting unit, sells it off for $5 million.

Ohio robbery suspect asked victim for date. Returned 2 hours after the crime to ask the victim out.

We’re having a little contest…
The for of us will each try to concoct the “best” Sci-fi show for the new TV season. By best, we mean most horrific. We’ll talk about our ideas. You can vote on your favorite!

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  1. 3 Responses to “TG #30: Nuptials and Apple Predictions”

  2. Upon careful listening to the voice mail we received, I really think it was just a wrong number.

    By Laurie on Sep 21, 2009

  3. Start Date Pieces, Laurie!

    By Craig on Sep 21, 2009

  4. C’mon, Laurie… Chiefs talk to the dentist!

    By Michael on Sep 24, 2009

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