TG #28: Time Travel and YAI (Yat Another iPhone)

June 10, 2009 – 4:56 pm

This week, our growing array of hosts discuss the iPhone 3GS, some rules for time travellers, and Lame News!

iPhone 3GS Announced on Monday!

Faster Processor, Video, 3MP Camera, Voice Control(!), Compass, Landscape in other apps like mail, Copy/Paste (new s/w), Search, Multimedia messages (but ATT won’t let them), Tethering Capabilities (but ATT won’t let them), Voice Memos, Nike crap (who cares), enhanced YouTube and stock apps

$99 iPhone3G 8GB (old iPhone, not the GS)
$199 – 16GB, $299 – 32GB

Other stuff…

Rules for Time Travelers

Windows 7 Starter kit… 3 app limit removed!

Lame News

90 y/o Woman survives 3 days in bathtub by drinking water from a rubber duck.

Guy gets robbed while on vacation, thinks it was his obssessive Tweeting. @robbedguy maybe publicly broadcasting MY HOUSE IS EMPTY was a bit of a tipoff to the crooks.

Chicago area man is selling rides in his Ferrari.

Mike was duped by an email claiming that his recently sent package was undeliverable and that he should print out the attached form to claim said package at the local office. Thankfully, Norton AntiVirus stopped the Trojan contained within the attachment dead in its tracks. Mike had been considering removing Norton since it never found anything more serious than a tracking cookie here and there; he has since changed his mind.

UPDATE (6/10/09):
Craig here… I have an update! The awesome time travel movie I couldn’t think of is called “Primer”. It’s a great movie about some young techies that accidentally discover time travel and also discover some interesting applications. In addition, it doesn’t violate any of our rules presented here.

Here is the time travel mechanism they use…

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  1. 8 Responses to “TG #28: Time Travel and YAI (Yat Another iPhone)”

  2. Ok. 5 mins in and there was a censor beep. When did y’all start censoring out the wordy dirties?

    By ShadesOfGrey on Jun 11, 2009

  3. Ok. there was a 2nd one. Where can I download the non PG version.?

    By ShadesOfGrey on Jun 11, 2009

  4. Any time someone (Pat) says a > TV-PG swear word I bleep it out when I edit. To my defense, Pat usually follows up the swear work with, “you should probably bleep that out,” or something similar.

    As for the “explicit” version, I think you’re on to something there, Shades. Pat and Craig, sounds like you have a legitimate business model on your hands: Listen to the radio edit for free, but hear the real deal for only [insert (un)reasonable price here] an episode!

    By Michael Swindler on Jun 12, 2009

  5. I think the 90 yr old woman who spent 3 days trapped in a bath tub slerping her bodily fluids out of a rubber duck might have some interesting insights into the concept of subjective time.

    Okay. So if you can’t change the past, then logically you can’t change the future. All points in the future eventually happen, making them past events that can’t be changed, and if they can’t be changed they had to happen a particular way. Ergo there’s no free will, and everything is destiny or the hand of God.

    If you accept that the future is not set and you can’t know what’s going to happen, or you accept the implications of the Hysenberg uncertainty principle, then there’s no way you can know what happened in the first place with any certainty, and there is no set past and anything could have gotten you to where you are now, regardless of your perspective of how it happened…Which could change in every moment you consider to be now only you wouldn’t know it because it would be happening to you.

    Anyway if the future is not fixed then the past can’t be fixed.

    Either way, none of it is particularly comforting.

    As far as materialization and dematerialization goes, (if you were traveling back in time,) for the pilot it would be like traveling through space but to the observer in the past, the time machine would appear to materialize out of nothing at the moment of arrival. Or to dematerialize as the machine went back to the future and left the light cone of the past observer behind. So that’s just perspective. Materialization and dematerialization is just looks way cooler anyway.

    I don’t particularly prescribe to any of the theories above. They were told to me by a flabby middle aged man with a rockin’ guitar and a red ferrari with gold plated rims.

    P.S. In Austin Powers 2 they made a time machine and stole Austin’s Mojo in the 60s!

    By brandon on Jun 15, 2009

  6. huh. That whole future thing where the guy with the Ferrari throws in the BS about the hysenberg uncertainty principal doesn’t work at all. Neither does the history approach either. Sounded good at the time. I must of been dazzled by his mad skillz on the guitar. He guitar rocked it all too me.

    By brandon on Jun 15, 2009

  7. I stumbled upon Primer a couple months ago (one of the few interesting titles on Netflix on Demand at the time). I thought the movie was awesome, but every time I tried to explain it to people I blew my own mind.

    By D on Jul 1, 2009

  8. My favorite Netflix feature is streaming. Unfortunately, with my 360 dead, it’s not very valuable to me.

    Stupid 360 went tits-up a couple months AFTER going out of warranty for RROD.

    By Pat on Jul 4, 2009

  9. Literally every 360 owner I know has been struck with RROD! Mine went this winter, and since hacking it voided the warranty, I tried to fix it myself. I was unsuccessful (screws 1mm too long = cracked chip), but you should try it. You basically mount the CPU heatsink directly to the mobo – toughest part is making the special tool to crack into the case! If that sounds too daunting, then I’ll gladly help you get rid of your trash … just ship it my way 😉

    I ended up getting a cheap Arcade edition ($150) and popping in the hard drive from the original system. It was worth the $ just to have a system that doesn’t sound a like a vacuum cleaner when you turn it on!

    By D on Jul 7, 2009

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