TG #27: Star Trek, T-Shirts, and Lameness

May 13, 2009 – 9:33 am

We’re baaaaack, and we’ve expanded our regular voices, adding Laurie and Mike as permanent hosts. We’ll talk Star Trek, Kindle, lame news, and more!

  • Star Trek
  • Windows 7
  • Kindle DX
  • Laurie’s research lab was on CBS. ( — this used to be a link, but that was ruining the podcast feed. STOP TRYING TO HELP US OUT, WORDPRESS!)
  • The awesomest T-shirt ever… READ THE CUSTOMER REVIEWS. DO IT NOW!
  • Better t-shirt: Curse your sudden but inevitable betrayal

Mega Shark vs Giant Octopus
With “DEBORAH” Gibson. It’s a must-see! A must-see of awfulness. Even “Syfy” would be ashamed.

Lame News

Craig’s a cheater and submitted two

Oprah on Twitter

Nude hiking banned in Swiss Alpine Region
200 Franc fine on violators. This practice dates back to the 18th century “Free Body Culture” movement.

If only they’d been PIRATE zombie fire ants…

Mac OS X email worm not written well enough to be a threat
The writer of the worm — in addition to incorporating many misspellings in the emails intended to be forwarded around by the worm — left bugs in the code that render the worm unable to cause any havoc at all.

I love overdubbing!

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  1. 11 Responses to “TG #27: Star Trek, T-Shirts, and Lameness”

  2. If nothing else, I applaud you on the fast turn around time for this. Now I’m off to go hiking in the Swiss Alps.

    By Craig on May 13, 2009

  3. Good Show…

    You know when I upgraded my grandcentral to Google voice…it kept all my messages.

    Only thing I lost was the custom hold music while I was screening calls.

    By ShadesOfGrey on May 13, 2009

  4. Oh… And I felt bad for Swindler so I started following him on Twitter

    By ShadesOfGrey on May 13, 2009

  5. Thanks, Shades!

    By Michael Swindler on May 13, 2009

  6. Craig, say “hi” to Jessica Alba for me when you run into her, will you?

    By Michael Swindler on May 13, 2009

  7. Despite Michael’s empty promise of a “colon vista”, a view perhaps not even matched by the grand canyon, I was amused and entertained by the T&G experience.
    And for the record, I never subscribed to the Monday Night Football complaint of “too many men in the booth” (sorry about the gender reference, laurie) guest hosts are welcome energy to my ears.

    By MrFoodstop on May 14, 2009

  8. With Craig and Mike on board, I think “too many men” isn’t a problem.

    By Pat on May 14, 2009

  9. So now that LOST is done till 2010…. how about a LOST recap show folks?

    By ShadesOfGrey on May 18, 2009

  10. I am always up for talking about LOST!

    By Laurie on May 18, 2009

  11. If you could somehow get Ronetta on the show to talk about LOST…. That would be classic!

    By ShadesOfGrey on May 19, 2009

  12. OMG, that would be beyond awesome!

    By Laurie on May 30, 2009

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