TG #25 – Replacement Tech

March 16, 2009 – 8:20 pm

This time on Tweak and Geek, we’ll take you from the Whopper Bar to the new Shuffle to pursuing Chimp-Man through the wilderness of Texas.

Whopper Bar

This looks insidious.

Google Calendar Needs Notification

Why can’t it send accept/deny emails? Google, you’re On Notice.


Info on the new Shuffle

$79, Talks to you, Special earbuds, 1.8″ x .3″, 4GB, Multilingual

Craig Bought a new Camera!

Powershot SD1100IS

Image stabilization, Voice Tags, Can Record Video, 8GB SD, 8.3MP, Rechargeable Battery

Replacing Olympus D-450Z – 1999 model.

The Replacements

What Technology are we replacing now? The tech age is progressing and some of our things are reaching “end of life”. What is your next big replacement?


  • N64 with Wii
  • Computers
  • Camera
  • iPod Video with Touch


  • TV to HDTV… eventually
  • iPod from Mini to Touch… That was huge! No pun intended, ha ha
  • Computers – maybe even time for a Netbook (or the rumored 10″ iPod Touch…)
  • Phone? … I’m so tempted for the iPhone, but I like T-Mobile as a carrier
  • Nintendo DSi? I had a PSP but I hated it. But, I’m so tempted by many DS games
  • TwitterFox to TweetDeck. Once you’re doing enough following to need groups and organization, it’s time for a bigger app

Lame News


ChimpMan Terrorizes Texas
“Dumb as a hatful of assholes”.

(From my new favorite blog – “Weekly World Inquisitor”. Found out about this b/c of Twitter. How? Listen to find out.)

Pat is “definitely” going to sue World of Warcraft

And in other news…

We’re going to do one more episode late this month, and then we’re taking April off. Sorry — work pressures are making it hard to produce our HIGH QUALITY show in a timely fashion.

Bonus silly link! – “When you care enough to hit send.”

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