TG#24 – Listener Extravaganza

February 26, 2009 – 9:21 pm

For our 24th episode, we present a show entirely of suggestions from our listeners. OK, we might say something about orphans, too.

D – Let’s talk about Windows 7 and the Starter Edition

Windows 7 SKU List

Good news: Most consumers only have to worry about 2 SKUs – Home Premium and Ultimate
Bad news: In addition to worrying about their crappy water, dictators and famine, now emerging markets only get sucky Windows SKUs. That’s our way of eliminating competition.

Shades of Grey – Open Source, Fringe, and Social Networking?

Best / Favorite Open Source Apps



  • The GIMP
  • Firefox addons: Web Developer, Firebug (how did we EVER do Javascript without it?), FireFTP, Twitterfox, AdBlock Plus, Flashblock
  • Eclipse software development IDE
  • WordPress blog
  • PodPress podcasting plugin for WordPress
  • LAME (not) MP3 Encoder

Bonus – not discussed on the show!

  • Gnu Octave – Matlab Clone (
  • .NetTiers Open source CodeSmith template library for easy database access.
  • Evolution Mail Client ( ) – Integrates with MS Exchange. Only really available on !Windows

Social networking Good, Bad and Ugly

Defriend due to Whopper Sacrifice. Message on Facebook reads:

Facebook® has disabled WHOPPER® Sacrifice after your love for the WHOPPER® Sandwich proved to be stronger than 233,906 friendships.


Haven’t watched it yet… heard good things. It’s on
Me either. And I’ve never even used Hulu. Shame on me.

bcrem – Is Linux killing Microsoft?!?

Interview with Jim Zemlin, Linux Foundation director. Great interview


  • Could Linux really be considered an alternative for hardware makers? (i.e. Walmart Linux PC)
  • Netbooks will run lightweight Windows 7 – that could be a feather in the hat
  • Computers need less horsepower etc, as things become web-based, and the OS is less of a factor
  • Vista’s 5 year tardiness made people lose hope, but the fast turnaround time for windows 7 is making people have renewed confidence
  • The average person does not know, or care about Linux. The real problem is that the people advocating Linux are all techies!!

No. Any more questions?

Mike Swindler – Voice Mail: Any useful tips for Thunderbird?

The Junk Mail filter requires constant care and monitoring, much like a small cat.

Thunderbird site tips

On the specific question of editing mail: External Editor. Craig successfully connected it to ConText and it worked FINE!

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  1. 4 Responses to “TG#24 – Listener Extravaganza”

  2. Best show ever! People should write in more often. In regards to my Thunderbird problem, I opted not to go with an external editor; too clunky. I did figure out my problems once I found some hidden settings, the Firefox-like configuration editor, and (duh-da-da-dah) opening the .exe file in a hex editor and fixing a couple of characters. You can find the tweaks that I did via an entry on my website by clicking my name below…

    By Michael Swindler on Mar 3, 2009

  3. NOOOOOO – the veil of internet anonymity has been lifted from me. I feel so exposed. I’ll never listen again!

    By D(errick) on Mar 4, 2009

  4. Well, that’s one listener down. Whew!

    By Pat on Mar 4, 2009

  5. Nice folks… I had a delay in listening due to a recent career switch.

    Some of my fav opensource/free apps out there that were not mentioned.

    OpenOffice – pretty sure I’ll never pay for MS office again. – I use this for batch image resizing.

    VLC – media player.

    As for Fringe…. I gave up on it. Too many tv shows ..something had to give.

    By ShadesOfGrey on Mar 12, 2009

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