TG #9: iPhone/iPod news and Losing your Talent

July 18, 2008 – 12:09 am

T&G strikes again! iPhone 3G, new apps, Guitar Hero DS, podcast bribery, and losing your development talent — they all await your listening pleasure!

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A Couple of Notes:

Ad for the iPhone 3G!

iTunes App Store Highlights

  • Twitter Clients
    • Twitteriffic
    • Twittelator
  • Games and Amusements
    • Phone Saber
  • Facebook
  • AIM
  • iPint
  • TapTap Revenge
  • AOL Radio – Revolutionizes the ipod… now the music library is basically infinite

$9.95 to upgrade – good on ipod touch and 1G iphone. Have had some crashing issues, though

Cool Features of iPhone 2.0 Software

  • App Store
  • 3rd Party Apps
  • GPS/Wifi Location Integration
  • Movie Screen Flipover

User Voice Mail – GrandCentral
How do you get more reliable podcasts? Send cash, of course!

Unordered Decade of Methods to Lose Your Best Developers

10- Subject them to unreasonable IT Policies
09- Enforce unreasonable working hours / inflexible schedule<
08- Underpay them
07- Micromanage them

Programmers are notoriously stubborn and independent!

06- Discourage Teamwork
05- Have no clear technology roadmap for your company
04- Be stingy with the training budget
03- Discourage them from using industry standards/best practices in order to meet budget/timeline
02- Enforce unrealistic timelines and budgets
01- Make them use outdated technology without an upgrade path

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  1. 4 Responses to “TG #9: iPhone/iPod news and Losing your Talent”

  2. I have to agree with your list. I see a few of those starting to creep up at work now and can only hope they don’t continue.

    Pat.. I am going to get guitar hero for my ds now. Sounds wicked cool!

    By Brad on Jul 30, 2008

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