TG #20: Powerpoint and Scifi

January 20, 2009 – 9:00 am

This time on Tweak and Geek, we talk about Powerpoint and presentations, and discuss the state of sci-fi TV in the new season.

The Bacon Explosion


Businessweek presentation about presentations.
Pat wrote about this topic a couple of months ago, too.

Every geek we know more or less hates Powerpoint with a passion verging on holy. Unfortunately, presentations are a necessary evil — sometimes, you have to get a point across, concisely, to a live audience.

Sci Fi Update

Atlantis is over, and The Wraith are fought off (for now)… BSG Starting Up Again! 3.5 Minutes LONGER!!! Earth is a burned out nuclear shell can humans and toasters ever be friends? Lost – Locke is dead… Ben wants everyone to go back… but the island is gone (or is it?)

Help us with Episode 22

Episode 22 will feature all listener-driven content. Email, call, or comment and we’ll pick the best ideas to build episode 22. Deadline is February 6th!

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  1. 7 Responses to “TG #20: Powerpoint and Scifi”

  2. Craig, in your episodes and comments you seem unusually obsessed with turkeys and pork products…is that because you think of yourself as a turkey and a bit of a ham?

    I have to give monthly presentations to the commission that consists of lawyers and accountants appointed by moose girl Palin. The hardest part for me is slowing myself down enough so other people can understand me, then try to think in a linear pattern, so the monkeys don’t have to think on their own.

    My basic rule is no coffee the day I’m supposed to give a presentation and if possible I go to the gym first for an hour or two so my endorphin high keeps me level during the speech.

    In college I used to just get drunk before hand. The only speeches I ever got higher than a C- on in english or public speaking I made drunk.

    I have no ideas for episode 22 as yet…you could be utterly vulgar and go with what people with the Clap taste like, but so far that hasn’t gone over well in dinner conversation.

    There is storage and data back up issues of information. I’m going through that right now with my 500 gig hard drive that’s decided to work one in every 10 times I plug it in, and will only let me transfer 10 gigs at a new hard drive before it locks up, but I’m not sure there’s an episode there other than burn dvd backups on a regular basis.

    You covered flash memory a couple episodes ago, I was wondering if that would be more reliable than magnetic spinny-spin drives, but I don’t know…I think possibly, but I don’t really understand how flash drives work.

    I know our old atari games when we were kids worked on solid state devices, but because of memory issues they switched over to cds and dvds because solid state couldn’t hold the info. Ten yrs later we have flash memory again and it’s bigger and better than ever. Better Lithography I guess. I know nothing of these matters and defer to you.

    Anyway, that’s way too long and I admire your stamina if you read the whole thing.


    By brandon on Jan 20, 2009

  3. I am out of breath, but I read it! Thanks for the feedback!

    Here’s my opinion – solid state is going to be big, but it has a “write threshold” after which the individual cells burn out. It’s still many tens of thousands, but it’s real. The cool thing is that recent technology allows the randomization of writing the locations on the disks, potentially extending their lives significantly. Plus, defragging is no longer an issue, since a)It’s not necessary since there is no head seek time and b)You want data spread out over the whole device so that you don’t disproportionately overwork any cells.

    I think there’s more of an episode than you know! Thanks for listening!

    By Craig on Jan 20, 2009

  4. Remember, though, that solid state transfer speeds are typically below that of a good fast hard disk, too. Solid state is great (like in Vista ReadyBoost) for lots of seeking of small files, but it’s hard to beat hard disk for sustained IO.

    By Pat on Jan 21, 2009

  5. I must apologize for my part in the comments made in the outakes. Liu – if you ever read this – you were a good chemistry TA and it’s probably good that you never read our lab notebooks.

    By Laurie on Jan 21, 2009

  6. Good podcast folks.

    So many comments this time…where to start.

    1) Foils: I’ve encountered folks using this term and each time they have been former IBM employees and all resembled Elmer Fudd.

    b) Blue…no Yellow…(arghhhhhh): I hate this color combo too. This is due to many forced presentations at a past company where this was the standard we were forced to use/see others use. It was so bad…the President of the company once fell asleep during a presentation I was giving.

    4)Yeah! Lost is returning…. I will be awaiting the podcast devoted to this.

    f) ideas for future shows:
    I) The good, bad, and ugly of social networking. defriending… and so on.
    ii) best/favorite open source apps ( OpenOffice, GIMP,, dia…etc)
    V) worst job/manager ever
    XXXXII) <– the secret to life.
    5) Anybody out there watching Fringe? If so, what do you think the possibility factor is of the things they are doing on the show?
    g) What impact on technology/science will our new President have? (stem sell research, green technology, etc….)

    I guess that is enough rambling for now.

    By ShadesOfGrey on Jan 21, 2009

  7. Oh damn.. I forgot. Laurie, no apologizes, own it!

    By ShadesOfGrey on Jan 21, 2009

  8. Here’s an article on a subject I’d be interested in hearing you two get into:

    By bcrem on Jan 23, 2009

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