TG #2: Social Networks

November 8, 2007 – 11:50 pm

Today, we braved the horrors of Myspace and other forms of online socialization to produce another episode of Tweak and Geek.

Our explanation of Web 2.0 c0uld have been bettr.

Online Communities

  • Easy To Use
  • Popular
  • Large community of “developers”
  • Easy to manage friends
  • Blog incorporated (has RSS)
  • Easy to hook up (in the non-Biblical sense) with old friends and colleagues.


  • Sketchy – or is it?
  • Hard to customize
  • Music on profiles is annoying
  • Security Issues
  • Kind of ramshackle
  • Everytime I do 1 thing, I get a bunch of spam friend requests

No offense is intended to any gay Mormons who may listen to the Myspace segment — this story is just intended to highlight that you never know what might be behind a friend link. For a site that discusses homosexuality and Mormonism with far more sensitivity than a couple of grouchy software developers will, visit Affirmation at

Pat’s fiance does indeed have great hair.

The IBM mainframe email system is, in fact, an online thing, just not a web-based one.

As of September 7, 2007, there are 200 million users on MySpace (not 180 million). My hyperbole needs honing.


  • Custom applications (Scrabulous)
  • Import friends from GMail
  • Kind of fun
  • Tagging pictures
  • Extended network


  • Confusing Interface
  • Weird friend process

The news sources don’t seem to agree on much with the Microsoft purchase. Microsoft paid $240M for a share of Facebook, and nobody knows quite how much Facebook is worth.

Facebook opened registration to everyone in September 2006.

After the Facebook segment, I went back and found out that if you click the “home” link, some of the missing features complained about were right there. But seriously, could they have hidden it any better?


We’re not sure, but some resources [1] report that 98% of all email on the Internet is LinkedIn invitations


  • Mostly professional
  • Import friends


  • Mostly for careers, but is basically irrelevant
  • Limited usefulness
  • Get people I never heard of from companies where I worked


  • Kind of fun
  • Import friends
  • Can update Facebook status


  • Open discussion around a topic/theme
  • Subject to flamewars, spam, and low signal-to-noise ratio.
  • Older format, much experience, around since dial-up/BBS days


  • Ego-oriented, more focus
  • Discussion, but often less than forums
  • Very popular
  • Very Web 2.0 / RSS / etc
  • Blogging Granny – (Spanish)

John C. Dvorak… you’re welcome.

The Dubai Blog is actually quite entertaining.


  • Game – not “really” serious
  • Nick Yee’s Daedalus Project
  • Social aspect is driving factor in longevity / player retention
  • Big money – WoW estimated around $60M+/month
  • Big business — IBM leadership study
  • Second Life – MMORPG?

Sweden was in fact the country that set up the embassy in 2nd Life.

See the Second Life U2 Concert here.


  • Social aspects of Internet use dominate tech
  • Tech will grow to improve mashups — ref: Google OpenSocial
  • Are social networks really relevant?

[1] This blog post

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  2. I enjoyed the second installment of T&G. The format works well. One thing I suggest is that the two of you should take a moment at the beginning of T&G #3 to discuss your backgrounds, to give us a feel of where you’re coming from.

    Keep up the great work, and I look forward to the next installment!

    By Jon on Nov 9, 2007

  3. Thanks for the compliment on my hair!

    By Laurie on Nov 9, 2007

  4. Thanks, Jon… That’s a good comment. We actually tried that in a test run prior to the first episode, but we just couldn’t get chatter about our respective backgrounds to flow. I imagine that we’ll work some information in as we get more comfortable with our format. And, of course, we keep (presently quite short, but I’m certain we’ll eventually add more) bio information on our About page.

    By Pat on Nov 12, 2007

  5. Craig (Tweak? Geek?),

    Nice ‘cast. Tried to get onto facebook (how could I not, when I learned you could have MORE THAN 28 FRIENDS AT ONCE!), but then they asked for the password to my email account. WTF’s up with that?

    Beth says: I knew you were a geek, but I didn’t realize the full extent of your geekiness.

    And I agree: you’re off the scale, man.

    By bcrem on Nov 19, 2007

  6. Nice podcast. I have a site I’ve been using that is quite handy. While it is not a social networking site, your podcast made me think of it while I was listening.

    By ShadesOfGrey on Jan 3, 2008

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